AEI delivers training solutions in two forms :

  Public seminars and workshops - an
     extensive offering in the country's

   In-company tailored learning solutions
     (we design programs according to    
     client's requirements)

The courses are highly interactive and each course includes a range of techniques such as traditional lectures, worked examples, group work, case studies, directed discussions and real life problem solving scenarios.

AEI has close associations with the University of Witwatersrand and The University of the North in The Republic of South Africa.

01. Events To Be Hosted In 2011

  • Effective Negotiation Skills Workshop
  • Strategies on Fraud Prevantion,Corrauption Control and Transparency In The Public Service.
  • Local Economic Development Symposium
  • Africa Wealth Expo( 2011 Conference & Exhibition)
  • Advanced Strategies On Corruption Control, Ethics And Corporate Governance Through Leadership Management For Managers
  • Effective Conflict Resolution Though Managing Stakeholder Collaboration

02. Our Customers

Our clients come from a cross-cutting spectra of the society, including.


 The Ministry of Finance and
      Development Planning,
  Ministry of Local Government,
  Ministry of Trade,
  Ministry of Education,
  Ministry of Agriculture

Parastatals or quasi governmental institutions including:

Botswana Institute of Development Policy Analysis,

National Food Technology Research Centre,
Botswana Railways

Private Sector, including Commercial Banks
and Mobile telephone operators; and Local


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Cell: (+267) 75560779
E-mail:, and

AAWE 2011

AEI has close associations with Maserule Consulting, Realization Africa, Work Place Peace, Tyedo Forensics, The Village Leadership Consulting, Just Managing Consultants.


To deliver a happy environment for our clients through the pursuit of excellence in everything we do.


To pursue and deliver innovative, cost effective and practical solutions that are also eco-friendly, and sustainable.


Alternative Energy Impact and equipping provide high-level management training seminars for government, quasi-government and private sector businesses across a rapidly expanding global network. AEI draws on an international faculty of experts and professionals, comprising some of the world's foremost management thinkers and authorities.

Whether you are a specialist who needs to broaden your managerial skills, or a successful generalist requiring deeper knowledge of specific functional areas. Our range of executive development courses will enable you to translate the latest managerial strategies into practical business solutions. We will meet the specific needs of your organization and assist you achieve your personal development goals.

Our team of experts cover the core skills of finance, strategy and leadership, management, personal development, marketing, sales, customer service, corporate governance, change management and transformational leadership. We have a faculty of dedicated professionals – all trainers are selected for their practical experience and proven training skills. All are committed to the effective design and communication of up to date practical information.



Peter Rock Bailang - Group Executive director/Group market development manager.
Peter Muroyi - Finance manager.
Patricia Mumsy Pheage - Events coordinator.
Boitumelo Mfolwe - Telecommunications coordinator.
Blessing Hwata - Design and graphics coordinator.

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