AAWE 2011

To deliver on its objectives, AEI will collaborate with local and external organizations that have revolutionarized, through the use of innovative methods, the easiest, simplest and most convenient ways of delivering telecommunications solutions and products to the communities.

To this end AEI will engage key stakeholders like the regional power utilities e.g. Botswana Power Corporation, Botswana Telecommunications Corporation, Eskom, and Mobile operators like Mascom, be Mobile, Orange, MTN, Vodacom, Government Energy departments, and regional Energy Research and Development (RnD) entities as well as the Information Technology to deliberate on better ways of delivering energy and telecommunications to ALL the people, not just communities in Towns, Big Villages and Cities.

To this end AEI has already signed a memorandum of understanding  and Non Disclosure Agreements with  Tlabela Telecoms, a South African Company, and together we have already proposed high innovation products like  the Mobile Electricity Vending Solutions (MPEVS) to both BPC and Mascom who have been impressed with it, and discussions are continuing, the result being that Batswana will be able to buy electricity from cell phone vendors. It will be easier for the BPC to increase vendors as per the population density in a locality without incurring capital expenditure.

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